Röda Sten Konsthall board

The board consists of ten members with different responsibilities such as finance, personnel and program. Together, they have the ultimate responsibility of the association and decides on overall policy issues and major economic issues. The Board formulates the goals and directions of Röda Sten Konsthall.

An executive committee prepares decisions and runs ongoing operational issues. The committee consists of the director, two members of the board, the association's treasurer and the chairman of the association. The board is selected during the annual meeting.

Members of the board:
Roland Adrell, chairman
Maria Cedmert
Jenny Lindström Beijar
Matz Wallander
Power Ekroth
Per Hållén
Lasse Lindquist
Therese Vestlund
Annika von Hausswolff
Edi Muka
Elisabeth Lundgren

Per-Acke Jacobsson (Certified)
Benny helgesson (Substitute)

Röda Sten counsel

Röda Sten counsel operates as advicer and reference group to the board of Röda Sten and contribute with personal knowledge and experience to the association. Thye council will create goodwill and in cooperation with the board find financing for the business through contacts with donors and other funders.

Members of the counsel:
Brittmo Bernhardsson
Annika von Hausswolff
Per Hållén
Gunnar Larsson
Bertil Lundén
Anna Mannheimer
Göran Pregmark
Christina Rogestam
Sven Steen
Pål Svensson
Gert Wingårdh

Committee of members

The committee's mission is to recruit members through various activities, to make them feel welcome and, through practical work, eencourage them to assist the association and organisation.
Members of the committee:
Monica Mazzitelli, coordinator
Anna Holgen
Per Hållén
Petrina Nordin
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Photo: Hendrik Zeitler