Tunnel Tales


A sound art exhibition space

Tunnel Tales is an exhibition space for sound art, located in a pedestrian tunnel near Röda Sten Konsthall. The tunnel was originally used by artist Roberto Paci Daló during Göteborg International Biennial for Contempory Art 2013, but has now developed into a permanent exhibition space.

7.9 2013–24.6 2014
Roberto Paci Dalò – Tunnel Tales

Klippan. The pedestrian tunnel becomes the gate of a newborn village, connecting all activities that are taking place in the area. The tunnel is turned into an immersive space made out of sounds from the people living in the neighborhood. A place both familiar and mysterious.

25.6 2014
Mikael Bojén – Diskreta ljud

The sound piece Diskreta Ljud is created by artist Mikael Bojén (Gothenburg, Sweden 1954). Bojén seeks to create a union between the installation and the surrounding soundscape. Bojén has been working with sound art for several years. His previous work includes the Gesamtkunstwerk AndRum, which took place by the sea at Amund Island, Vättemgången in Jönköping and Palmhuset in Gothenburg. Bojén has participated in several music festivals and also created his own sets at unusual places such as the nature reserves Lärjeån and Rya Skog, and also the car cemetery Kyrkö Mosse in Småland.

Diskreta Ljud is a collage where Bojén uses both his own sounds and fragments from other composers’ work. The piece will change over time, gradually, creating a dynamic and living installation.


Photo: Attila Urban