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Art as a meeting place




5.30–8 pm


19-26 years





Are you a young adult and want to explore artistic creation?

Art as a meeting place

Are you a young adult and want to explore artistic creation? Are you new to Sweden or have you lived here all your life? Want to meet others who are also interested in creating? Then you are welcome to Art as a meeting place!

On Wednesdays during the spring we meet to explore new materials and artistic methods. Together we plan and create works for a joint installation at Frilagret in May.

With inspiration from the exhibition Stena Danica, we will work together on themes that touch on travel, both internal and external. We work both individually and in groups in different theme blocks and therefore wish for continuous presence of the participants.

Among other things, we will explore sound, shifts of perspective, transparent materials and tactile experiences. No prior knowledge is required and we offer coffee!

Art Educators: Malin Griffiths & Renée Tan

Contact and registration

The group is currently fully subscribed. Registration for the waiting list takes place via email with name, year of birth and phone number to:

Malin Griffiths
Art Educator

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