Art as a meeting place




5.30–8 pm


19-26 years





Are you a young adult and want to explore artistic creation?

Art as a meeting place

We work in relation to the exhibition forms of the surrounding futures, which is the twelfth edition of Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA), and which in turn draws inspiration from the creative energy among non-normative experiences. The biennale wants to take a close look at the present and at the same time spread stories that celebrate our collective ability to imagine and to practice for other possible futures. During this upcoming semester we will work sculpturally with different materials such as papier mache, wood, and textile.

We work both individually and in groups in different thematic blocks and therefore wish for a continuous presence of the group’s participants.  

Together we plan and create works for a joint exhibition at Röda Sten Konsthall 812 December.  

No prior knowledge is required and we offer coffee and snacks!

Art Educator: Malin Griffiths and Maral Mavizi

Contact and registration

The group is currently fully subscribed.

Registration for the waiting list takes place via email with name, year of birth and phone number to:

Malin Griffiths
Art Educator 

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