Speech to
the Nation




7–10 pm


Tal till nationen (Speech to the Nation), 2022


100 SEK


Swedish & English

A hybrid screening of the film version of the anti-nationalist performance Tal till nationen (Speech to the Nation) by the art group Ful, written and directed by Nasim Aghili and with Sara Parkman as choral director. The program is followed by a conversation with Nasim Aghili and Malin Holgersson from Ful.

Performative film screening and artist talk

The art group Ful invites you to a hybrid screening of an anti-nationalist speech to the nation, and a choral work that celebrates the freedom of expression, the welfare system and solidarity! In collaboration with the musician Sara Parkman and with scenography and costumes by the artist Björn Karlsson, the hybrid version of the performance at Röda Sten Konsthall is a unique combination of film screening, performance, singalong, and cake treat led by performer and Ful’s hostee Moa Johansson.

Tal till nationen was performed at Ställberg’s mine in Bergslagen a couple of weeks before the 2022 Swedish general elections and is a follow-up to Ful´s previous election performances Europa Europa together with The Knife, and Mödrars Manifest (Mother’s Manifest) in collaboration with Quiquiriquí Coyotas. In their new performance, Ful focuses on the shifts in democracy, the loss of freedom of expression and the devastating consequences society faces when rights are politicized, and free speech is replaced by hatred. “When we see how hatred and fragmentation are offered as the only alternatives, we choose love. We celebrate freedom of expression and artistic freedom in a time when politicians don’t stay at arms-length and try to stop culture and art that do not follow the nationalist agenda,” explains the art group Ful.

In Tal till nationen, the actors Ellen Nyman, Alejandra Goic and Timimie Märak are supported by four musicians and a choir of 21 singers, led by Sara Parkman. The powerful and multilingual choral work is an adaptation of the music piece Sång till välfärden (Song to the Welfare), which in Tal till nationen is accompanied by both especially written material and hit songs such as Eros Agape Philia and Finnas, inte finnas from Sara Parkman’s acclaimed album and sold-out tour Eros Agape Philia.

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The film is in Swedish with Swedish subtitles. The artist talk will be held in English, moderated by Amila Puzić, curator at Röda Sten Konsthall.

Tickes are sold at the reception before the cinema performance

Restaurant Röda Sten is open until 19.00.

Ful, Tal till nationen© Märta Thisner

Playwright and director:
Nasim Aghili

Timimie Märak, Alejandra Goic, Ellen Nyman

Choral director:
Sara Parkman

Annemarie Anang, Ingela Cederholm, Angelica Carlsson, Barbara Chamoun, Ing-Marie Ekman, Brenda El Rayes, Siri Anna Flensburg, Anton Hemgren, Pari Isazadeh, Charlie Josephsson, Maja Kamne, Otto Lindgren, Rostam Mirlashari, Bengt Månson, Elin Oskarsson, Rafael Pineda, Adam Randle, Peter Rousu, Berrin Sahin, Stephanie Stjärnlöv, Pia Zettergren

Sammy Hsia, Hanna Andersson, Agnes Magnusson, Ima Baeza Bilgin

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