Sunday sharings




3 pm


The Cathedral, floor 2

A recurring performance program during the summer!

Sunday sharings

Movement-based artists, selected through an international open call, will inhabit a designated space in the main exhibition area during weekly residencies. They are not obliged to stay in one place but are encouraged to have a dialogue with visitors and the surroundings. Human bodies are present here, leaving traces in the art gallery. Each residency ends with a scheduled session when the artists will share about their process.

Sunday Sharings is part of the summer exhibition (on) the edges and the work Practices for the Future by DanceRemaining


w. 24 – Linda Wardal & Tim Winter (Sweden & Germany/Norway)

w. 25 – Rodrigo Chaverini (Chile)

w. 26 – Nicole Neidert (Sweden)

w. 27 – Korina Cordova (Brazil/Sweden)

w. 28 – Sam Williams (UK)

w. 29 – Jim De Block (Belgium/Sweden)

w. 30 – Amanda Piña (Austra/Chile)

w. 31 – Gaetano Badalamenti (Italy/Sweden)

w. 32 – Pablo Zamorano Azocar (Spain/Chile)

w. 33 – Katarina Eriksson (Sweden)

w. 34 Karolin Kent / DanceRemainings, Sweden/Chile