Workshop: From fauna to flora




1–4 p.m.







Workshop leader

Art Educator Malin Griffiths

Registration by email

500 SEK and 350 SEK for members at Röda Sten Kulturförening

A three-day workshop about time, identity, and symbolic storytelling in film!

Workshop: From fauna to flora

Welcome to a three-day workshop inspired by the summer exhibition (on) the edges. We will focus on artworks by Patrik Bengtsson and discuss and create based on questions about time, transformation and identity. The artist participates on the first day.

Patrik Bengtsson was born in 1978 in Gislaved, Sweden, and lives and works in Gothenburg. His artistic practice is grounded in storytelling, and he uses language embroidered with allegory and symbolism to address the human relationship to time and space.

By creating a world where reality and fiction meet, I seek to embrace different states and emotions, encouraging the viewer to use their own experiences to fill in or establish the context. – Patrik Bengtsson

During these three days we will take Bengtsson’s work as a starting point and try to create collage films using stop-motion technology. We will be using the free app Stop Motion Studio, so it is an advantage if you have the ability to download it on your mobile phone, but not a necessity.

We will also do simple drama exercises and work both individually and in small groups.

No prior knowledge is required. We offer fika!

Image: Filmstill from Verdurafältet (Episod 1 – Blod och Klorofyll) @Patrik Bengtsson


Send an email with contact information latest June 18 to:

Art Educator Malin Griffiths