Workshop: Set art into motion!




1–4 p.m.







Workshop leader

Art Educator Malin Griffiths

Registration by email

500 SEK and 350 SEK for members at Röda Sten Kulturförening

Three days on communication and language through performance and movement!

Workshop: Set art into motion!

Welcome to a three-day workshop inspired by Dance Remaining’s participation in this summer’s exhibition (on) the edges. One of the artists participates on the first day.

Dance Remainings is an artistic duo founded in 2017 and based in Gothenburg. The duo consists of Jonny Berg from Sweden and Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson from Chile, both dancers and performance artists. They are interested in the dialogue between ritual and contemporary performance and dance, and work with both active audience participation and stage performances.

We will also explore Max Ockborn’s anthropomorphic sculptures, works that ask questions about identity, life and the way people communicate.

During three days, we will explore the differences and similarities in various communication methods. We will try the form and method of performance art through dance, movement, and ceremonial rituals to express thoughts and opinions on the theme of the exhibition.

No prior knowledge is required. We offer fika!

Image: DanceRemainings – Sebastian Ruiz B. & Jonny Berg. Photo: Adrián Isidro @zetadezar


Send an email with contact information latest June 25 to:

Art Educator Malin Griffiths