Next to the Ocean at Röda Sten Konsthall is an exam exhibition with twenty six students in photography at Valand Academy, Gothenburg University.


BFA/MFA Photography Exhibition: Next to the Ocean

The photographic education at Valand Academy is Sweden’s only complete milieu, ranging from undergraduate and postgraduate education to artistic research.

The exhibition takes a new view on how exam exhibitions operate and shows the Bachelor-, Master- and PhD- in photography at the Academy Valand under one roof. The exhibition gives an overview of what is happening in young contemporary photography in Sweden. Using different modes of expressions, the width of the exhibition reflects concerns and interests of photographers today.

In connection with Next to the Ocean, two publications is published containing images and texts from the exhibiting photographers and artists, doctoral students, researchers and teachers at the program. Together, these photographic projects and texts form a progress report that visualizes the interests, techniques, practitioners and questions that shape today’s photography.

Participating students:

Photography bachelor’s programme: 
Alma Schreck, Carl Ander, Cecilia Helsing, Christoffer Rutström, Elin Andersson, Erik Gustafsson, Frida Lundgren, Jennifer Bergstén, Josef Hansson, Katrine Hoff, Line Gry Neivelt, Lisa Paulsson, Mikaela Hyltén-Cavallius Crantz, Oskar Kardemark, Sarah Meurle, Sofie Kjørum Austlid

Photography master’s programme:
Aissa Lopez, Anne Broe Kristensen, Ekaterina Lukoshkova, Emanuel Cederqvist, Heikki Kaski, Martin Magntorn, Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Noora Lehtovuori, Sean Gardiner

Kerstin Hamilton


During the exhibition period, a symposium on photography and feminism is held and the audience is also invited to take part in workshops and shows.

Delcy Morelos

Annika Dahlsten & Markku Laakso

Carlos Amorales, Erkan Özgens & Carla Zaccagninis