The spring season begins with two exhibitions dealing with identity, affinity and belonging – or not belonging – from a multicultural perspective.

Delcy Morelos

Inner Earth

Delcy Morelos creates a large and immersive installation, especially made for Röda Sten Konsthall. Morelos, who comes from a tradition of painting, will offer us an environment of color and soil collected from Gothenburg, a piece of land to explore for a tactile, visual, corporeal, even olfactory experience. In her work, color is not only a characteristic of painting, color is a cultural construction. It is the color of the skin that we embrace or reject, the color of the fertile ground or that of the waste land. Just as it also is the color of the soil where the roots of violence prosper.

Delcy Morelos,
Tierra Adentro, 2018
Röda Sten Konsthall 2018© Hendrik Zeitler

Installation view

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Annika Dahlsten & Markku Laakso

Carlos Amorales, Erkan Özgens & Carla Zaccagninis

Mary Coble, Annika Lundgren, Felipe Mujica, Joar Nango & Carla Zaccagnini