In January Göteborg Baroque will present a unique version of the opera L’Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi.

Göteborg Baroque


According to the story, Orpheus must bring back his beloved Eurydice from the underworld. He asks Karon, the ferryman, in vain to help him cross the river Styx. Karon refuses and Orpheus crosses the river alone. Göteborg Baroque’s L’Orfeo is an opera faithful to its time while also exhibiting a clear connection to the present. It is difficult not to draw parallels to the current refugee catastrophe in the Mediterranean.


Per T Buhre

Musical director

Magnus Kjellson

Scenography & light design

Beate Persdotter Løken


Elin Andersson

Choreography & dance

Steven Player


Leif Aruhn-Solén, Orfeo
Ann-Christin Wesser-Ingels, Euridice/La Musica
Amanda Flodin, Messagiera
Steffen Bruun, Caronte
Paul Tipton, Plutone
Elin Skorup, Proserpina
Daniel Carlsson, Speranza
Jorge Navarro
Colorado, Apollo
Thomas Volle, Pastore/Spirito
Carl Johan Lillieroth, tenor
Ann Kjellson, soprano
Arvid Eriksson, bass


Fredrik From, concertmaster
Marie-Louise Marming, violin
Johan Tufvesson, viola
Susanne Brunström, viola
Nora Roll, viola da gamba
Anders Ericson, teorb
Dohyo Sol, teorb
Mattias Frostenson, contrabass
Margit Schultheis, harp
Ulrik Höglund, trumpet
Maths Tärneberg, percussion
Daniel Stighäll, trombone

Delcy Morelos

Annika Dahlsten & Markku Laakso

Carlos Amorales, Erkan Özgens & Carla Zaccagninis