Degree Exhibition with Bachelor and Master Programme in Photography at HDK-Valand


Vanishing Points

This year’s degree show from the programs in Photography at HDK-Valand takes place at Röda Sten Konsthall in Goteborg. Students from the bachelor and master are presenting their works through various methods such as photography, film, installations, CGI, text, books, and crafts, among others.

In the construction of perspective, the vanishing point is usually considered to be the point where parallel lines meet and form the illusion of three-dimensional space. Beyond the vanishing point, our sight ceases, and we are reminded that perspective makes our eye, the center of the visible world. In the construction of this exhibition, the artists are moving along different lines to renegotiate what we might imagine as the visible word.

With a foundation in the photographic medium, the artists are testing technological, historical, and theoretical aspects to expand the horizons of photography. The artworks in this show might help us to reimagine the points that make up our collective and individual experiences and memories. As these points move from the present to the past, many tend to fade and disappear. The artist in this exhibition has reflected on the present and revisited the past to reconnect the dots so that we might see an outline that forms other possible worlds.

As a part of the exhibition, each student is presenting a public text on the website These texts represent the theoretical part of the students’ education. The subject matters revolve around a diverse range of topics, that cover both academic themes and personal experiences.

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Participating students:

Hanna Abrahamsson, Miina Anahita, Marie Barthelsson, Gitte Berglöv, Daniel Björneke Wirgård, Emma Neha Bobeck, Ingvild Davidsen, Fia Linnéa Emelie Doepel, Jessica Ekström, Johan F Källman, Joachim Fleinert, Erik Gustafsson, Nini Hansen, Anna Sofia Jernryd, Vera Jörgensen, Sebastian Kok, Luna Lopez, Thurea M H Rahbi, Alexander Nico Ingversen, Mia Rogersdotter Gran, Sofia Sandqvist Marjanen, Albert Sten, Oskar Söderman, Armand Tamboly, Mercè Torres Ràfols, Katerina Tsakiri

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