An exhibition of participants from Young and Creative with guests.


An exhibition of Ung & Skapande is always an occasion were young people get an opportunity to express themselves. It is also a venue with workshops, music events and inspiration! An exhibition like this provides an exciting preview of tomorrows creators through both painting and installation as well as film and sound art.

The exhibition We exist, therefore we are visible is part of a process in which participants for the exhibition have been working on joint projects and individual works. The focus of the exhibition is how to create a space of your own and how you can be visible in a city like Gothenburg. Some exhibitors are active in Ung & Skapande, others have applied to show their works and others have been invited to exhibit. The thing they have in common is that all contributed ideas and important issues.

Fri 29/11 open 5-9 pm.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Röda Sten Konsthall organizes a Christmas Fair.