2017.01.20 - 2017.01.22

Äggen är slut

A choir performance based on personal experiences of menopause.

One day, all of the eggs a woman is born with in her uterus will run out. Right in the middle of life. How do women who have gone through this experience view the past and the future. What is menopause like? What is the cause? What are dreams like? How does the body feel? How is desire effected? What is important? The choral work and performance Äggen är slut (The Eggs Have Run Out) is based upon interviews with 17 women aged between 48 and 73 years old with different backgrounds and life experiences.

Idea / Producer: Annica Carlsson Bergdahl
Choir lyrics: Lina Ekdahl
Composition: Paula af Malmborg Ward
Direction / Choreography: Janne Wettre
Choir Master: Johanna Thür
Choir: Ymna
Photographs / Slideshow: Elisabeth Ohlsson Wallin


Dress rehearsal: Friday, January 20 at 19

First performance! Saturday, January 21 at 18

Sunday, January 22 at 2pm

Sunday, January 22 at 6pm


120 kr
80 kr for students and seniors

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