2013.06.15 - 2013.08.18


The summer exhibition by the artist and architect Marjetica Potrc higlights the potential of art and architecture to find new sustainable and democratic solutions for people to live together.

Potrc will link the outdoor and indoor spaces utilizing participatory design which actives the visitor in the actual shaping of architectural forms. 
The exhibition is part of the ongoing process of Röda Sten Konsthall, that aim at developing the location in dialogue with people in the area. Marjetica Potrc's site specific projects will address issues about public, social and shared spaces. In connection to the exhibition engaging hands-on activities and discussion forums will be developed for our summer visitors, Thursdays at 5.30-7.30 pm. 
Sat 15/6 at 1 pm opening, 2.30 pm Artist talk.