Off-site event




1–5 p.m.


close to Wieselgrensplatsen

Visit the home of one of the graduate students at HDK-Valand and explore everyday life, routines and activities.

Off-site event: Going Nowhere Fast by Lana Đurđek

You are invited to join the artist in an exploration of everyday life, routines and activities through a program of exhibition and film screening – and fika in the backyard. After signing up, you will receive an email with more information.

Where: The artist’s home, close to Wieselgrensplatsen, Hisingen
Date: May 11  at 1-5 pm, restarting each hour

Going Nowhere Fast is a project that uses a set of everyday prompts to challenge the perception we have of our everyday surroundings and actions. The prompts are open to all, inviting participation without the pressure of achieving a result that is “right” or “ideal”. The core of the project lies in discovering methods to be present in our daily actions and make art with resources we find along the way.

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Sign up directly through the artist via a form.

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