It’s that time again!

Art and Design Christmas Fair

Decorative arts, crafts and design will fill the Cathedral at Röda Sten Konsthall offering you an ample choice of gifts for friends, family or even yourself! The Christmas Market is open one evening and two whole days showcasing a range of previously unshown designers and several oldies but goldies.

Jewelry, ceramics, posters, calendars, textiles and much more will be available to buy. Avoid the commerce in the city and choose from unique, handmade, beautiful gifts from local, national and international designers and craftsman.

In addition to the market you will also find Young & Creative’s art exhibition on the 3rd floor. The restaurant will be serving glögg, hot chocolate, sandwiches, a large selection of vegetarian/vegan options and much more. The Konsthall will be festively decorated and we look forward to welcoming you with open arms!

This year you can give more children and families a merrier Christmas by donating Christmas presents to Stadsmisssionen. You can donate non-wrapped Christmas presents in the Lounge at floor one. Use the restaurant entrance to get there without queuing.

Participants 2016

2B kid, Anders och Barbro, Angelica Sollander, Anna Klauzner, Birgitta Jannesson, Bollfrans, Camilla Bröyn, Camilla Engdahl, Cornelia Jewelry, Craft Collective, C. Thulin, Decomed Design, Design Emma Sjödin, Ellen Claesson Ceramics, Elisabeth Palm, Ecoloonia, Emmelie Karlsson, Eva Stööp, Flick, Frida Eklund, Frida Hultman, Frkn Falkman, Grimwade, Hanna Hedström, Helena Roos, Hipp Story, Ida Abrahamsson, Ida Sondell, Ida Holmedal, Ida Näslund, Jennie Elofsson, Jenny Lou store, Jesper Hallén, Jewelry of Hisingen, Johanna Norén, Jonas Welin, Josephine Billred, Katarina Norrby, Katarina Wallgren, Karl-Johan Sellberg, Karolina Pettersson, Katri Auser, Kerstin Merlin Eriksdotter, King Elisabeth, Klädoteket, Knätofs, Kristin Erséus, Lina Schnaufer, Linn Schildt, Lisa Hammar Posse, Lisa Gerinder, Louise Eklund, Ly Lehes, Lovisa Olausson, Makime Design, Maria Jansson, Maria Kask, ManMade Sweden, Mocklis, Norrdesign, Och Form, Ohoy Design, Palegrain, Pappershatten, Patternplan, Paula Hagerskans, Pop in Majorna, Retro Frun, Rype, SannaMaria Strandå, Sofi Svensson, Smooth life, Studio Oyama, Therese Samuelsson, Ulrika Arvidsson, Ung & Skapande, Världens Färger, Yuanfen, Äppel Päppel


Pinar Yoldas