Academy of Art and Design Degree Exhibition with Bachelor´s and Master´s Programmes in Photography.


Hot Shoe

About the Exhibition

The term ”Hot Shoe” (or “Blixtsko”) refers to the mounting point found on cameras to connect a flash. The expressions “Blixtsko” and “Hot Shoe” can also create ambiguities and unexpected associations beyond its photographic meaning.

The exhibition Hot Shoe explores temporal aspects in relation to materials, places, light, and sound. The works challenge traditional contexts and open up for more interpretations and worlds. Artists utilize technical, historical, pop cultural, and theoretical aspects within photography to broaden our understanding of what photography is and can be.

Students from both bachelor’s and master’s programs in photography at HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design, present their works through various forms of expression. In addition to photography, sculpture, installations, sound pieces, publications, and video art are also exhibited.


Bachelor’s program: Max Barel, Alva Le Febvre, Mette Genet, Hilma Hedin, Nicola Helin, Rasmus Holm, Mathilda Läckberg Holmquist , Frida Lisa Carstensen Jersø, Josefin Johansson Hedman, Lisa Pettersson , Rasmus B. Strøyer, Andrea Lund Sørensen, Gloriya Talebi , Johan Holst Zwergius

Master’s program:Kirstine Autzen, Lana Đurđek, Eva Vei, Ronya Hirsma, Karin Holmer, Lisa Paulsson, Christoffer Rutström, Anna Schlechter, Jaana Sundström, Johan Windle, Nina Worren, Tom Zelger


As part of the exhibition, each student presents a text on, which is published before the opening day. The texts represent the theoretical part of the students’ education. The questions revolve around various subjects covering both academic themes and personal reflections.

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Opening Program

Date: 4 maj
Time: 1–4 p.m.
Location: Röda Sten Konsthall

The opening day offers a number of events such as speeches and performances.

13.00: Welcome by Mia Christersdotter Norman, Director Röda Sten Konsthall

13.10: Opening speech by Linda Sternö, senior lecturer and head of department at film, photography and literary composition, HDK-Valand

13.20: Speech by Niclas Östlind, assistant head of department and senior lecturer at film, photography and literary composition, HDK-Valand

13.30: Speech by Pelle Kronestedt, senior lecturer HDK-Valand

Mingle and refreshments

14.30: Reading and activation of the work Furia by Karin Holmer, graduating student

Short break

15.00: Performance by Wei Wu Wei, with Christoffer Rutström, graduating student and Gabriel Nils Edvinsson

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Selma Selman

Cha Blasco, Max Ockborn, Patrik Bengtsson & DanceRemainings – Sebastian Ruiz B. & Jonny Berg

Laleh Kazemi Veisari, Samaneh Roghani, Nazanin Raissi, Malin Holgersson, Afrang Nordlöf Malekian